Every Story Reveals a Prism of Truths

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis week, I’ve been witness to some ¬†interesting happenings that have me looking at what’s considered “truth” in a whole new way.

A group to which I belonged hit a bump in the road when the partners had a falling out. The break-up played out on social media and those who thought they knew the “truth” chose sides based on what they thought they knew about what had happened. In fact, many of them only knew what they saw announced publicly or what they’d been told through email or private messaging by one or two of the parties. Claws came out and reputations were damaged. It was horrific, as people who were only peripherally involved demanded information and made public comments about what should have been a private matter.

In another situation, I witnessed a team in my work sphere manage a challenging situation. I’d watched it play out and made assumptions about what had happened. I made some snap judgements about the team’s competence. Over a few hours, the details became clear and in reality, the situation was handled remarkably well. I was disappointed in myself, as I had only seen my perspective and assumed it was “truth.” It wasn’t.

In reality, truth has so many sides. So very many sides. What you see depends on what part of the prism you’re looking through. And I’m learning, as I get wiser, to hold off on my judgements until I see more than one aspect of the “truth.”

What about you? Have you ever made harsh judgements based on limited information only to find out later that you were wrong? Tell me about it!

photo credit: Jason A. Samfield via photopin cc