Setting a Small Goal to Get Back on Track


This is how I’m going to feel after I’ve lost 40 pounds!

Last week, I was clearing my computer desktop and came across a photo I had to send in for an online weight loss challenge in late May. The photo needed to show the number on the scale at the start of the challenge and include an item that you could then show yourself holding in a second photo. When I opened the photo last week, I was surprised that the number on the scale then and the number on the scale now are the same. Nope, I didn’t win the challenge, though at least I haven’t gained anything in the last four and a half months. (Sometimes you have to celebrate the teeny tiny wins, right?)

Rather than great big goals that can seem overwhelming, for the next four weeks, I’m going to try to lose a total of five pounds. Just five. Only one and one quarter pounds a week. Seems doable, right?

Since the beginning of this blog, back in December of 2012, I’ve been looking at a goal of 40 pounds, which in hindsight, seemed way too difficult. It was easy to think “I can’t do this! It’s tooooo hard!”

While I’m disheartened that I’ve not lost even one pound, I will acknowledge myself for getting a handle on several bad health habits. I’ve made some great positive changes, including:

  • Increasing my daily activity – counting my steps using my FitBit tracker
  • Drinking more water every day
  • Walking for at least 30 minutes a day, sometimes 60
  • Feeling better about my body as it is
  • Working on shame issues
  • Reading articles and blogs focused on healthy living

Now it’s time to put some small measurable goals in place. In our customer service work, we tell our clients, “You get what you measure.” It’s time for me to set some small, attainable goals that I can measure.

Between now and November 15, I will lose five pounds. Five pounds and that’s it. I’ll report back then.

What about you? What kind of goals have you set for yourself? 

photo credit: thephotographymuse via photopin cc

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