Pushing Through the Pain and Getting Back in Action

I have a girlfriend that’s about twenty years older than me that’s served as an incredible role model since I met her when I was eighteen. These days, at 49, I often think of something she told me years ago.

“When I get up in the morning, I have a choice,” she explained. “I can either get out of bed with my aches and pains and go sit on the couch, or I can get on the treadmill and get a good workout in, after which I’ll feel much better.”

I so relate to what she told me, since I’ve been making my way back to a full workout schedule after my piriformis muscle issue back in December. I’ve been moaning and groaning with ongoing nerve pain since then, though it’s gotten significantly better. With  nerve pain, once the cause is relieved, you just have to wait for the inflammation to heal and it can take several months. The upside is that if you can manage it, you can exercise through the discomfort. I’ve been amazed at how, once I decided not to let it stop me, my body adjusted to regular daily activities and now, increased activity toward my fitness goal. And – even better – I’ve gotten back to my P90 workouts.

Starting back after a 90 day hiatus had me thinking about whether you can ever be “too old” or “too flabby” to start an exercise program. The answer is a resounding NO. My neighbor, who is over 80 years old now, started going to Curves and walking after she had a heart attack when she was in her late 60s. She’s unbelievable, “borrowing” her girlfriend’s dog and walking him for miles, and always on the go. (Another great role model!)

I also came across an excellent article from fitness expert Marta Montenegro here: Never Too Old to Rebuild Your Body Marta shares some research on fitness after 40, plus some great suggestions for keeping your new workout plan on track.

What about you? What are you doing to get, and keep, your fitness plan going strong? 





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