First World Problems of a Kept Young Man

CatI can only imagine who pays the bills of the young man I saw at the nail salon last week. He was probably in his late 20s, with an expensive haircut and an effeminate manner. He was there for both a manicure and pedicure and I was fortunate to overhear his entertaining banter. I was awed by his lifestyle, which was obviously so completely different than mine.

“I wish my skin was as dark as yours. I have to go lie in a tanning booth three times a week, just to look like this,” he told the Asian nail tech, holding up his arm next to hers. “You’re so lucky to have skin that color.”

“I’m going to ride my horse this afternoon when I’m done here,” he shared. “I have three pairs of riding pants, with the patches at the knees? They’re so ‘in’ right now. I need a new pair of riding boots, though. I’ll probably wear a jacket and a hat, because it’s such a cute little stable, it makes you want to dress up.”

“I spent an hour at water aerobics this morning and after that, my trainer worked me out for two hours,” he complained. “I’m so tired! But if I don’t do that at least a few times a week, I can feel myself getting flabby.”

As he walked up to the counter to pay for his treatments, he asked the same nail tech, “So you like Gucci, too?” I couldn’t help but wonder if he realized that her wages were probably not significant enough to afford high-end designer labels.

It was a fascinating snapshot view of a day in the life of a wealthy man. On a Tuesday when most are at work earning their livings, he’d been working out, getting his nails done and riding his horse. As I watched him drive away in his Audi A8, I kept wondering how the rest of his week played out.

Me? I was taking a one hour break from my day job to get a quick manicure, after which I’d run back to the office, finish up my assignments for the day, then go home and make dinner for my family, then work on my entrepreneurial venture through the evening. Wow. To have so much leisure time is almost unthinkable to me. What a contrast.

What about you? When have you encountered someone whose day-to-day life was completely different than yours? What did you think?

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6 thoughts on “First World Problems of a Kept Young Man

  1. I often notice the differences between my life and the lives of those around me, generally I feel blessed to have the life I do. Most often the things I notice are those rushing from one place to the next, or complaining how busy their life is or how tired they are, then I feel grateful to be able to go at my pace and spend each and every day home with my children and training the next generation to Serve God.

    • I’m with you, Jaynessa! I love my life, as busy as it is, and enjoy most minutes of all I “get to” do. Every minute on this beautiful planet is a gift from God, to be appreciated!

  2. Wow, what an interesting trip! I’d have to wonder about this particular guy’s… lifestyle, you might say. Self-absorbed people who are willing to indulge like that just spark a nerve in me; there are so many better things one can do with financial blessings! I pray this guy has not only wealth, but Christ in His heart, and if not that someone shares that love with Him soon. Have a blessed week!

    • I kept wondering what was going through is mind. Was it truly, “me me me?” Or was he just to naive and spoiled to understand that everyone isn’t as pampered as he is? Thank you for the comment!

  3. Maybe not as drastic, but I am surrounded by people who always seem to have it much more “together” then I do… and I think “how on earth do they do that?” Organization does not come easy to me, it’s more of a lifelong project.

    Love your story, it would be fun to be a people watcher I think. I wonder if I could figure out a way to make money from that???

    I came here from the #31dbc. Have a great day.

    • I totally get that, Maxine! I always feel like I’m stumbling along and hope nobody discovers that my basement is on the verge of being featured on Hoarders! Thank you for visiting!

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