Continuous Effort and Continuous Learning

It’s so easy to let my attention wander and turn my focus to the myriad of things I do for “work.” I’ve always got five or six projects going on and they take up a lot of my free time. Fortunately, since none of them really feel like “work,” I can’t say I don’t enjoy it.

The challenge is to keep my focus on this effort, so I’m making it a habit to review my efforts and what I’ve learned every week. Here’s what’s happening:

I’ve lost some pounds, though not as many as I’d hoped. Fortunately, the next few months should be more productive.

Check your thyroid. In a routine medical exam in November, my doctor discovered that my thyroid was significantly low. It was ridiculous and because I’m one of those people that just chugs along, too busy to notice subtleties, like dry skin or a puffy face, I didn’t catch it until it had been going on for months. It’s finally back to the appropriate levels and

When we reach our forties, both men and women have declining hormones and they affect several of your body’s symptoms. If you notice any symptoms of an underactive thyroid, even one, get it checked. (You can learn more about the condition here: What is hypothyroidism?)

Rest when you need to rest. I had a muscle injury (piriformis syndrome) that took me out of physical activity from mid-December to mid-February. Exercise is key to any weight loss effort and I just couldn’t do it. I’m sure my calorie burn was way down, since I was pretty much on the couch or in my chair every waking moment. When I was told I could get back to exercise, I did. Taking it easy was what I needed to do at the time, now I’m back to my P90 program and only having minimal issues with nerve pain.

Make a list, then knock out the tasks. One of the best habits I’ve create so far is to better organize my task lists. I’m doing more in a more organized fashion, as I’d committed to doing at the beginning of this effort. And, I’m seeing more results in business because of it.

And, here’s Healthy Habit #16 – Get all of my health maintenance appointments like mammograms, physicals and pap smears done in a timely fashion. No more skipping years!

What have you accomplished in the last few months? How can you improve  moving forward?


One thought on “Continuous Effort and Continuous Learning

  1. Lori, I’m glad to read that your nerve pain is abating. That kind of pain sucks butt, I remember! Now looking back on the last few months and what I’ve accomplished… I’m drawing a blank! I did make an appointment for an overdue physical that happens this week. Joy joy. Then I have to go for my final breast cancer mammogram. Then I guess I go back on regular status in the radiology department?

    I’m not sure what P90 is? My daughter started Les Mills Body Combat, and Body Flow (yoga) and lost 45 pounds in three months doing that and Clean Eats. She’s 30 though and we are 20 years older… ha! Her instructor is my age.

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