Why Are the Grooves So Deep?

medium_5331511724I’m feeling stuck. Stuck in the grooves of my usual behavior. I love sitting on the couch with my laptop, conversing with my friends on social media, watching bad movies or playing my beloved Bejeweled game. (It’s how I hang out with my husband as we relax during the weekends.) And I would also LOVE to have my life and my home organized, everything in its place where it belongs, the unneeded flotsam and jetsam having made its way to the porch for pickup by a charitable organization. These two loves of mine are conflicted and so far, the couch is winning in a big way.

This past weekend went by quickly. The closet I had planned to clean is still overflowing onto the bedroom floor. The kitchen counter where the mail lands every day looks a bit tidier. At least the bills got paid and I have a few phone calls to make in response to correspondence we received.

Where did the rest of the hours go? There were a few naps, a few movies, grocery shopping, a few long walks with the dog. We helped my son get ready for his winter formal and attended a wedding reception on Saturday night.

The one thing I didn’t do was make a list. I’ve been promising myself that I would make my master to-do list soon. I work well from a list and it’s the major principle behind the “Getting Things Done” program (GTD) that I have committed to follow.

The grooves of past behavior that gets repeated over and over, even if it’s not quite working, are deep. This week, I will go through the GTD process and create that master list. Period. This blog will be my accountability tool and I will report back on Sunday with how far I’ve gotten on my list. (Accountability tools are excellent ways to keep yourself on track, though I can be sooooo squirrely!)

What about you? What system or approach do you use to stay organized and efficient? 

photo credit: the green gables via photopin cc

This Year’s Themes: Do More and Love Yourself

As I look at all of the things that I want to accomplish in 2013, I’m struck by two overarching themes that I know will help me stay on track:

Love Yourself

Do More

Here’s what I’m thinking…

If I love myself, I’ll take better care of myself. I’ll eat better, exercise more, drink more water, stop chastising myself for my weight or my (real or perceived) failures, and generally consider my physical and emotion well-being when I’m making my moment-by-moment decisions.

If I do more, I’ll stop procrastinating, organize my personal tasks and focus on what’s important to me. I’ll spend more time doing (rather than not doing) and I’ll be more productive.

What I don’t mean is that I’ll run around trying to overachieve, ignoring the need for downtime, beating myself up for not doing “enough” or stressing myself out. Instead, I’m tuning in to that extra degree of effort that makes the difference. A great example of what I’m intending is the book/video/premise of 212 degrees, created by Sam Parker of Give More Media.  He says, “At 211 degrees, water is hot. At 212 degrees, it boils. And with boiling water, comes steam. And with steam, you can power a train. Just one extra degree makes all the difference.” (You can learn more about Sam’s 212 degree work here: 212 The Extra Degree)

So, those are my two slogans for 2013.

Love Yourself. 

Do More.

These two overarching themes will live on my bathroom mirror, where I’ll see them every morning, to keep me on track!

What about you? What overarching themes could you use to help you create the best 2013?