Can’t Unsee It – The Downside of Social Media

medium_166216003Back in the day, just a decade or so ago, the video we saw was controlled by news media or corporations or some such entities. We saw what they showed us and it was relatively tame.

If your family had a video recorder, you used it to make fun family videos or document vacations and day-to-day happenings.

Fast forward and everyone has cameras, so we see all kinds of crazy stuff that they produce themselves from cat videos, people falling down and silly singing and dancing. That’s led to people recording politicians saying and doing stupid things, which began influencing our political system on a grass roots level. Awesome, right?

Fast forward a bit more and now anything and everything that can be recorded is put on social media. Over the last few weeks, I’ve inadvertently seen some extremely horrifying videos – including people being beaten and a person committing suicide in a subway station. Not purposefully, mind you, but by clicking on what others share. Things that cannot be unseen. Things that make me wish there really was such a thing as eye bleach. Not so awesome.

I have since decided that anyone who shares something that I wish I hadn’t seen will be immediately released from my social media sphere. Unfriend, unlike, unwhatever. If I don’t keep my own “bubble” from becoming toxic, I’m not looking out for myself and my psyche.

What about you? Have you noticed an influx of horrible videos and images on your social feeds? 

photo credit: SuperFantastic via photopin cc

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