A Lesson from a New Twitter Friend: You’re a Work of Art in Progress

Tana ArtI have a new friend on Twitter, @TanaBevan. She describers herself as a “Writer. Blogger. Doodler Extraordinaire. Encourager bar none!”

That’s one of her fun little doodles  —>

Since I’m all about positive energy and enthusiasm, I had to check out her blog. The first piece I read really resonated with me. It’s about how being perfect isn’t possible, so why not just accept that as a fact of life? Tana says:

“The pursuit of perfection is an exhausting exercise in futility. Better to embrace your imperfection. (Agreed, this is easier to handle in theory than reality.) Still, why not go for broke? Decide to view yourself as a Work of Art … in Progress!”

Since I’m always trying to be better/do better, I love Tana’s energy. Nobody’s perfect and nobody has to be. Do what you can and enjoy your life. And that’s all there is to it. You can check out her blog: Tana’s World


3 thoughts on “A Lesson from a New Twitter Friend: You’re a Work of Art in Progress

  1. Lori Jo, Thank you sooooooooooooooo much! I am flattered beyond belief!!!!!!!!!!!! (For the record, the racket you hear in the background are all the doodles jumping up and down for joy at your kind comments and recognition of them. [They do so love being in the spotlight. *smiles indulgently*])

    Kudos for always trying to do better/be better. Just remember to be VERY kind to yourself. It’s not just about asking “What’s the best I can be?”, but also about accepting your answer. Makes things MUCH smoother.

    (BTW, the version of the last name I have came with an “a,” so my Twitter handle is @TanaBevan. *smiles serenely as inside she’s jumping up & down just like her doodles*)

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